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In 1919, Frank Shields, a former MIT professor developed the first shaving cream. The innovative product offered men an alternative to using a brush to work soap into lather. The shaving cream formula was designed to provide a comfortable shave for men with tough beards and sensitive skin, like himself. When it was first produced, Barbasol was filled and packaged entirely by hand in Indianapolis, IN.

Over the years, Barbasol has been sold in a variety of packaging types and sizes. The introduction of aerosol cans in the 1950s prompted a change in the Barbasol formula from a thick cream into a soft, fluffy foam similar to what is currently seen on shelves. The iconic barbershop pole design on the first aerosol cans remains a signature trademark for the brand.

In 2017, Barbasol proudly launched a line of premium disposable razors in multiple blade counts providing consumers exceptional quality and honest value in the razor category.

Today you can find Barbasol selection of trimmers and shavers Exclusively at Dischem Pharmacies throughout South Africa.