Your Eco-Friendly Haircare Solution – Hair of The Day – your ultimate choice for vegan, natural haircare that aligns perfectly with your values. Crafted with love and care, Hair of The Day range is a fusion of natural ingredients. With scientific research as the guide for the formulas used, Hair of The Day has meticulously developed vegan formulas, focusing on essential factors like hair porosity, PEH balance (Proteins, Emollients, and Humectants), and the CWC method (Condition-Wash-Condition) to ensure your hair’s optimum health. The vegan formulas prioritise the perfect balance of these three elements for your hair’s beauty and shine:

Protein: The fundamental building block for strong and healthy hair.

Emollients: Safeguard your hair from damage, keeping it soft and protected.

Humectants: Prevents your hair from drying out and retaining moisture. Hair of The Day firmly believes that true beauty should never come at the expense of innocent animals. 

All Hair of The Day products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and innovative. With Hair of The Day, you can revel in professional haircare in the comfort of your home while maintaining a clear conscience, knowing no animals were harmed in the creation of the exceptional range.